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Sofreh Kurdi is a type of kilim with a complex texture, which is unique to the nomads of Northern  Khorasan. In the past, this hand-woven fabric was a suitable means of storing bread among the nomads due to its impermeability to moisture. Therefore, it is known as Sofreh Kurdi.

This handicraft has drawn attention due to its beauty and rich patterns as well as conceptual drawings. The apparent shape of Sofre kurdi is comprised of a boundary which is connected to the textile by finger knitting and geometric, animal and flower motifs are woven into its textile. Nomadic women of Northern Khorasan draw and paint these fabulous wool portraits with their distinct elegance and sentiments. The colors used in the textile of Sofre Kurdi exudes warmth and geniality emanating from the quality of the essence of love, life, and hope for the future among the nomads.

The symbols are indicative of the feelings and sentiments of nomadic women towards nature and ethnic and cultural history, and the patterns and motifs woven convey and represent the significance of culture, art, beliefs, customs, and vicissitudes of the history of Kurdish ethnicity of this land.

The motifs of Sofreh Kurdi are in fact antique and ancient designs, which are unique in their kind. It is mostly animal and human motifs woven into the textile of Sofreh Kurdi where symbols mainly exhibit the lifestyle, social, and cultural system of Kurds of this land.