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During the cold days of autumn and winter, when the weather is variable, sometimes turning cold or becoming sunny and relatively warm, wearing proper clothing under both cold and warm conditions is of paramount importance, which can prevent colds and the flu. The use of coats in winter is very common. Most coats are made of wool or other materials
Wearing light coats with elegant designs during winter will give you an impeccable wintry appearance that you would enjoy along with the warmth.
In winter and during the extremely cool days and nights of autumn, nothing is more stylish and beautiful than a coat. A coat that goes with other clothes such as a suit and shirt. Also, natural colors used in kilims can create a new style for winter coverings. The warm and bright colors of the kilim can give a beautiful effect to the coat
Rainfall and snowfall are the most important weather events in winter and autumn, which may wet the coat and allow water to pass through the coat.
As the coat has a beautiful and durable appearance, it should not allow water to permeate.
Kurdish tablecloth kilims are woven from fleece and do not allow water to pass through. These types of kilims with images inspired by nature can be adequate coverage for the surface of coats in the cold, snow, and rain. Therefore, eye-catching designs of the new generation of coats can be presented to the market.