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To shield laptops from any possible external damage, a protective cover called a bag is needed. People have different tastes, some are inclined towards formal styles and others favor informal styles. In the process of new designs, particular attention should be paid to novel patterns and shapes. Natural motifs and patterns bearing animal shapes such as camel, deer or mountains, and forests, as well as the color of plants and woolen threads, bestow a beautiful look to the bag. The most important feature of Kurdish Sofre Kilims is their being waterproof, which prevents rain and snow droplets from entering the bag. The materials used in the synthesis of any product determine its ultimate quality. Laptop bags are chiefly made up of leather, foam, and brezent (tarpaulin) and the Kurdish Sofre Kilim can also be used as the main element of the laptop bags.

  1. Leather
    Laptop bags made of leather are of high quality and look stylish. They come in different shapes and sells best. However, they are expensive. To those who frequently use their laptops for business purposes, it is recommended to provide a laptop bag made of leather and wool. The durability of leather bags is considerable and they can be used for years.
  2. Foam
    Laptop bags that are comprised of foamy materials are ideal for protecting laptops from the impact of external forces. Even If the foamy bag is hit hard, the damage to the laptop will be minimal.
  3. Brent (tarpaulin)
    Tarpaulin is known to be strong and durable material. Its drawback is that it is not resistant to water penetration. The tarpaulin can be used under the harsh environmental conditions, however, if your device drops into water, Brezent offers no protection and water will definitely permeate into your device.
  4. Kurdish Sofre Kilim
    This type of laptop bag is made of wool. The designs are nature-inspired. The most important feature of these bags is that they are water-resistant and prevent water from entering your device. The Kurdish Sofre Kilim bags are of considerable strength and durability.

Nomadic women painting with wool (Sofreh Kurdi)